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5 Benefits of Having A Healthy Lifestyle


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to enjoying life at the fullest, it is scientifically proven that surrounding yourself with natural healthy habits and substances will boost not only your physical health but your mental state of mind and your emotional outlook. We understand being completely teetotal healthy is challenging, yet learning of some of these outcomes may help you to do more to benefit yourself. So you can be the best you can possibly be!

Body Weight

Okay… so a bit of an obvious one, but it’s just as important as the rest, if not the most important. Maintaining a healthy weight may come as a struggle to some as they fear the motivation of dragging themselves off the sofa with their Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. But, only you can change that, and simple exercises and a well-balanced diet will ensure that you’re hitting your target BMI. A good tip for those wanting to lose weight by regular exercise but are finding it difficult to head to the nearest gym, would be taking up a new sport with a friend, that way you can enter a more competitive mind frame and aim to lose weight together, rather than heading to the gym on your own. You won’t be pushed to your strengths! Also when your body weight reduces you will probably be more likely to wear gym vests.

Your Mood

Think of your body as a machine, a machine that requires all the right substances for it to work better and more efficiently. If you fail to do this the machine will break down! By eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis you are stimulating the development of endorphins within the body, endorphins are tiny brain chemicals that give you release with a sense of happiness and achievement. Everyone loves that happy-free feeling and you’re only a healthy meal or a gym session away from it…Give your body what it needs!

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Stronger & Energised

Yes, all this work does pay off if you keep at it! Not only do you feel leaner and positive, the healthy substances combined with the intense gym work will of course lead to your body becoming more adaptable to sporting activities or even just walking, you will tire out less and feel full of energy. So, if you’re having that mid life crisis of worrying about how you will look or feel in your late 50’s, all the work will pay off in later life, helping you fight off diseases. So why not do it while you can?

Not Guilty

Ah, food. Takeaways packed with calories and carbs, everyone loves them! But, how guilty do we feel after eating a big McDonalds meal at the end of the week with no exercise whatsoever. Stop using the phrase “Okay, healthy eating starts on Monday” Start now, lose the guilty feeling of having your favourite takeaway, put the work in through the week and maintain a healthy diet and when that Friday or Saturday comes around when you fancy a huge cheese burger meal, you’ll feel like you’ve deserved it rather than feeling guilty!

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What Makes Up a Pure Garcinia Cambogia



Finding a pure Garcinia Cambogia product can be taxing especially when counterfeit products are also sold in the market. The product, since it was endorsed in a popular tv show, has gained immense popularity over time. The popularity of the product has doubled when consumers found out that it works the natural way and that the product works in two ways. With the popularity that it is amassing, it is no wonder that other brands are being sold online.

So, how do you determine if the product is pure or not? If you want to make sure that you are making the right choice, here are some information that you need to digest. It is important that you are getting the best value for your money especially when the product does not come cheap.

Pure Extract. The best weight loss supplement in the market must be extracted from the fruit, Garcinia Cambogia, itself. The product has to be 100% from the extract of the fruit for it to be effective in helping you lose weight and slimming you down.

HCA Content. The product that you buy should contain 60% HCA. Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) is the active ingredient in the fruit extract that helps curb your appetite and prevents the production of fat cells (glycogen and glucose). This active ingredient is also responsible in boosting your metabolism. In addition to checking for the HCA content on the product, you should also check if potassium and calcium are present. These two substances help the absorption of the product in your system. This enhances the effect of HCA in your system making your weight loss easier.

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Fillers, Binders, and Preservatives. If you find fillers, binders, and preservatives present on the product, you probably are buying a counterfeit. Make sure that there is no sugar, milk, artificial preservatives, caffeine, yeast, or gluten present because these products will hamper the effect of HCA in your body.

Manufactured Under GMP Standards. Look for products that are GMP-certified. This means that the product has gone through rigorous inspection. The best brand sold in the market will have the GMP-certified logo on it. Buying a product that has GMP certification will give you the best value for your money.

pure garcinia-cambogia

When buying products online, make sure that you check the product with these four qualities. Make sure that no fillers and binders are present on the product, HCA content is at 60%, the product is GMP-certified, and it is 100% extract of Garcinia Cambogia. Make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. Thus, checking the label would help. read more…

What Nursing Moms Should Know Before Taking Garcinia Cambogia

pure garcinia-cambogia


During pregnancy, it cannot be avoided that you will gain pregnancy weight. After giving birth, it is just natural that you would want to lose the extra pounds that you have gained in the last nine months of your pregnancy. And it is just natural to want to lose the excess fat as fast as you can. Thus, moms all over the world would want to use weight loss supplement to hasten the weight loss journey. In the weight loss industry, one popular product that individuals would go to is Garcinia Cambogia. However, the question arises as to whether the product is safe to use for lactating moms. This article would help you understand if the product is okay for you to use while nursing your babe.

Garcinia Cambogia – What You Should Know

For you to understand the effects of this product to you while lactating, it is best that you take a closer look at what it is made of, its story, and how it works.

Garcinia Cambogia is a product of a fruit knows to grow in Central Africa, India, and several countries in Southeast Asia. The fruit resembles a small pumpkin and has been used thousands of years ago as part of the staple food ingredients. The same fruit is used by travelers who would need to go the distance with little food in storage in the ancient times.

This product is known to be rich with the compound Hydroxycitric Acid also known as HCA. This compound helps weight losers in a positive way that it is used as an easy means to lose weight in the industry. The active ingredient found in the fruit is a natural appetite suppressant. It inhibits the production of the enzyme Lyase, which is responsible for restricting excess carbohydrates from being converted into glycogen and glucose. The by-products of carbohydrates are better known as stored fat, which is the source of energy in the body. Thus, using the product reduces the tendency of carbohydrates from being converted into stored fats in your body. Carbohydrates are broken down into usable stream of energy to give you a kick off for your day.

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Furthermore, the HCA content of the product also helps in improving the communication channels of your system, and sends information to your brain that your body is full. The product will give you the instant sense of being full that your brain would tell you that you don’t need to eat much this meal. You will have a sense of being full. Thus, this fruit was popularly used by ancient travelers who do not have much food in their hand. The product prevents you from being hungry, and thus losing weight would be easy for you. Happy hormones or the “feel good” hormones are also released in your body preventing you to “stress eat”.

pure garcinia-cambogia

With this information, it can be said that using the product is not good for lactating and nursing mothers. Why? As you can see, the product would have an effect on the supply of needed nutrients on your body, which is your eating habit. Your eating habit would change, and you would take lesser food than normal. As a nursing mother, you would need all the nutrients that you can get from the food that you take so you can also provide the same nutrient to your babe. If you are under eating, the blood sugar level in your body would be affected as the result of using the weight loss supplement.

Doctors and other professionals know this effect on lactating mothers, and recommend nursing mothers to stay away from using Garcinia Cambogia to avoid the adverse effects. In addition, patients suffering from diabetes and patients showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease are also advised to avoid the use of this product without their doctor’s prescription.

All in all, the product is not safe to use when you are nursing your babe. It is best to wait until you are not breastfeeding anymore, or lose weight the natural way. For more details visit www.adipopescu.com.


Why Choose Garcinia Cambogia as Your Weight Loss Supplement



Garcinia Cambogia has become known worldwide for its weight loss benefits. It is even backed by the testimonials of health care professionals and is featured in several health-oriented TV shows. It is safe and effective to use for those who badly want to lose weight. But if you want to be 100% sure that Garcinia Cambogia is the right choice for you, it helps if you look at the top reasons why it is slowly becoming one of the top weight loss supplements today.

Based on online reviews, Garcinia Cambogia is safe to use. It does not plague the users with side effects, like what’s happening with other weight loss products. It is proven safe and effective for being obtained from a natural product.

According to research, it boasts of a wide margin of safety concerning human consumption. However, expectant women and people with Alzheimer’s, diabetes or any other form of dementia should not consume this supplement.

pure garcinia-cambogia

But why should you choose Garcinia Cambogia as your weight loss aid? There are three important reasons that you need to consider.

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  1. Garcinia Cambogia is completely organic. It has zero to minimal side effects if taken in the right dosage and used accordingly. It is not like other weight loss products that contain toxins or artificial chemicals that serve as fillers and that may impede some bodily functions. Your safest bet towards losing weight without complications is to go natural and that is what you will enjoy with Garcinia Cambogia.
  2. Garcinia Cambogia helps you control your appetite better. This is often a problem among overweight and obese people. They cannot seem to rein control over their cravings, so even if they work out, they still do not burn as much calories as needed to have a calorie deficit for weight loss. This natural supplement is an appetite suppressant, so you can manage to eat less and feel full faster. Combined with proper exercise, you will happily see the results of your weight loss efforts.
  1. Garcinia Cambogia inhibits fat production. It stops your body from producing fat, while burning fat effectively, resulting

In a significant weight loss. If you decide to choose Garcinia Cambogia to help you shed the pounds, then make sure you buy it from reputable suppliers. Read reviews and verify them before paying for any product, especially if you are ordering them online.  

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Will Garcinia Cambogia Help You Drop Some Pounds


As you know, gaining a few extra pounds around your belly, thighs, and arms is very easy. However, losing the few extra pounds you have acquired from months of overeating is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to go through a rigorous process of burning fat through exercise and changing your diet. You will need to keep yourself disciplined and focused in order to maintain what you are doing to achieve your weight loss requirement. If you want to hasten your weight loss process, and not feel guilty about not eating when your tummy is asking for food, then you should consider supplementing your weight loss regimen with Garcinia Cambogia.

This product is 100% natural and organic. It is made from a Tamarind fruit found in Southeast used in different cuisines to prevent over eating in meals. This product is helpful in shedding off some weight around your thighs, your abdomen, your arms, and wherever excess fat is present in your body. In fact, thousands of people have benefited from the product and are enjoying a happier and healthier life than before. This product is known to help people suffering from obesity and overweightness.

There are hundreds of products that you can acquire in the market today, which promise to help you achieve your desired weight. However, Garcinia Cambogia does not only promise, but it holds its end of the bargain. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the weight loss industry. The product can help you lose weight without you performing daily exercise routines, or changing your eating habit. The product can help burn excess fat in your body, and it will naturally curb your appetite. The active ingredient of this product is HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid, which is responsible in burning fats, and blocking fat formation in your body. It is also responsible in suppressing your appetite that you will only eat when needed. You will find yourself eating less than usual. You can still eat your favorite snack or dessert as desired, but the product will make you crave for your favorite fatty food less. As you take the supplement, eating healthy will become natural for you.

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pure garcinia-cambogia

The cambogia pills will help you drop some pounds in the easy way. When you are ready to shop for your first Garcinia Cambogia, make sure that you only buy a product that has at least 50% HCA in it. Products with lesser HCA content will not be effective for you. Only buy pure Garcinia Cambogia to have an effective weight loss process. Read about what makes up pure gacinia cambogia. 

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Mixed Martial Arts General Physical Preparedness (M.M.A.G.P.P)


If you never saw the Gracie Diet videos on youtube then your in for a treat! LOL! I don’t know why I can watch these videos over and over again but it’s for sure entertaining. Maybe because there’s so much energy into making food Enjoy!

Strength WOD: Rest Day
M.M.A.G.P.P-Choose one:
Stand-up: With a training partner holding mitts or on a heavy bag.

Tabata Striking (hands only): 20 seconds or work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds, then…
Tabata Striking (legs only): 20 seconds or work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds
Tabata Striking (hands and legs): 20 seconds or work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds
*Mix combos up as creativity allows. Constant movement for each 20 secs.
Clinch: With a training partner wearing a Gi or No Gi.
For 20 minutes:
Drill a takedown that is your weakness. Drill set up only, execution only, or mix it up. Don’t go 100% but pay attention to the details of the technique and drill as many as possible.
Ground: With a training partner wearing a Gi or No Gi.
For 7 minutes:
Drill side control escapes.
For 7 minutes:
Drill mount escapes
For 7 minutes:
Drill passing open guard
For 7 minutes:
Drill maintaining open guard

Howzit everyone! Camping out in my hotel room for another hour before I have to check out and go explore a little of St. Louis. Wondering why I’m here? Accompanying my wife for her interview in pediatric’s emergency fellowship. Last week we travelled to Atlanta, GA for her first interview of many and now we continue our travels. Don’t know what to expect of St. Louis so hopefully it’s a cool place and hopefully some good MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai training here. I know there’s a bunch of CF gyms in the area. I’ll try and see if I can hit up some of these places while I’m here. I’ll be traveling tonight and will be getting in Sacramento real late. I won’t have time to post a workout for tomorrow so here’s your M.M.A.G.P.P (General Physical Preparedness) workout for tomorrow. If you did “Fight Gone Bad” and your body is/was not ready for something like that then your probably feeling like shit. Legs and shoulders are sore. Hard to get out of bed, walk down stairs, sit on toilets, etc. Use this workout for active rest and recover. Get the body loose and blood flowing.
For all: Stand-up, Clinch, and Ground choose one.
Run 3-5 miles (easy)
Jump Rope 30 minutes
Row 3000-5000 meters (easy)
Swim/Tread water 20 minutes
Stretch and Foam Roll 30 minutes

Watch the demo video to get an idea of how this workout goes.
Use this workout to test your conditioning and see if you’re ready to step on the mat, in a cage, or ring. If you can get a total of 300 or better then from a conditioning standpoint your considered fight ready.
“Fight Gone Bad” created by CrossFit, named by BJ Penn.
Spend 1 minute in each station for 5 stations, 3 rounds total. Rest 1 minute between rounds. Total your reps and calories for a score. Strict form in each exercise is crucial. No lame half ass squats or weak overhead extensions. Follow the standards and get a good score.
Your 5 stations:
1. Wall Balls 20lbs for men/14lbs for women
2. Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75lbs men/55lbs women
3. Box Jumps 20″
4. Push Press 75lbs men/ 55lbs women
5. Row for Calories
*the best way to do this is have a partner who can count your reps and make sure your form is good in each rep. Set a timer and every minute, rotate to the next station and continue. Once done with the last station, rest 1 minute. The whole workout including rest periods should take you 17 minutes.
Strength WOD: Rest Day
M.M.A.G.P.P- Rest Day

Any of you skinny, scrawny fighters out there (including myself) want to get stronger then check this out. A must if you want to get strong or stronger and put on some muscle. WS4SB
Strength WOD: Shoulder Press 1RM
* Go as heavy as possible and find your 1 rep max
rest and recover (5-10 minutes)
M.M.A.G.P.P (General Physical Preparedness)
Choose one:
Stand-up: With a training partner holding mitts or on a heavy bag.
3×5 minute intervals. Rest 1 minute between intervals.
Jab-Roundhouse, Jab-Cross-Switch Kick, Jab-Cross-Hook-Roundhouse, Jab-Cross-Hook-Cross-Switch Kick
Jab- 2 Roundhouse, Jab-Cross-2 Switch Kick, Jab-Cross-Hook-2 Roundhouse, Jab-Cross-Hook-Cross-2 Switch Kicks
Jab- 3 Roundhouse, Jab-Cross-3 Switch Kick, Jab-Cross-Hook-3 Roundhouse, Jab-Cross-Hook-Cross-3 Switch Kicks and so on until you work up to 5 kicks in each. Then repeat back to 1 kick in each.
Clinch: With a training partner wearing a Gi.
4×5 minute intervals. Rest 1 minute between intervals. Alternate intervals working dominant side then weak side.
5 Seoi-Nage (set-up only)
5 Koshi-Guruma (set-up only)
5 Tai-Otoshi (set-up only)
Ground: With a training partner wearing a Gi or No Gi:
4×5 minute intervals. Rest 1 minute between intervals. Alternate intervals working dominant side then weak side.
Side Control Escapes
* Top position, go for submissions, maintain side control, mount, rear mount, etc. Bottom position, escape to half guard, full guard, open guard, etc. If you escape to a better position then start over. Escaping to turtle position does not count as a better position so keep going.
MMA Mix Up: With a training partner wearing MMA training gear.
3×5 minute intervals. Rest 1 minute between intervals. Blending part of today’s Stand-up, Clinch, and Ground.
Choose 1 or 2 combinations from the Stand-up. Then use a takedown, preferrably work on a weakness. Then work to get out of side control for the Ground. Spend 15 seconds on the ground then start over.Posted by

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I was out of town all day but couldn’t figure out my password to login and update the site. I was irritated!
Patellar Tendonitis. This is what I was having earlier this week but started flaring up ending of last week. I notice the pain when I was drilling a half guard pass. After that incident, certain angles when walking, standing, squatting, would trigger the pain. I also noticed that when I squat correctly (leading with the hips back and then down pass 90 degrees, instead of leading with the knees) there’s no pain at all. Ever experienced this? Watch this video to address this nagging pain. It helps.
Strength WOD:
Deadlift 5×3 @ 85%
RDL 3×8 @ 30%
Back Extensions on GHD (Glute Ham Developer) 3×25
Rest and recover, Stretch and Foam Roll. Work on mobility exercises.
M.M.A.G.P.P: Rest Day

Check out Dereck DiManno’s BJJ highlight! Dereck is Cassio Werneck’s first American Black Belt. He runs BJJ School in Elk Grove, CA. Great instructor to learn from and be around. Check him out at Waza BJJ.
Strength WOD: Rest Day
For Stand-up, Clinch, and Ground-G.P.P (General Physical Preparedness)
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps
Manmakers 35/20lbs
*Workout goes like this: 10 manmakers, 10 sprawls. 9 manmakers, 9 sprawls…and so on until you get to 1 of each.

Check out Top 10 Martial Arts moves you should never try
Strength WOD: Rest Day
M.M.A.G.P.P (General Physical Preparedness)
Choose one:
Stand-up: With a training partner holding mitts or on a heavy bag.
Tabata Striking: 20 seconds or work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds, then…
10 rounds of:
5 pull-ups
10 knees to elbows
Finish with Tabata Striking: 20 seconds or work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds
*Mix combos up as creativity allows. Constant movement for each 20 secs.
Clinch: With a training partner wearing a Gi or No Gi.
Tabata Shoots and Sprawls: 20 seconds or work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds
10 rounds of:
5 pull-ups
10 knees to elbows
Tabata Shoots and Sprawls: 20 seconds or work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds
*do 1 wrestling shoot, 1 sprawl, repeat for 20 seconds
Ground: With a training partner wearing a Gi or No Gi.
Tabata Arm Bars from the guard: 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds
10 rounds of:
5 pull-ups
10 knees to elbows
Tabata Arm Bars from the guard: 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds

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Add this to your submission tool box. Enjoy!
Strength WOD: Shoulder Press 5×3 @ 90%
rest and recover
M.M.A.G.P.P (General Physical Preparedness)
Choose one:
Stand up: With a 20 lb vest (optional)
Double Unders 1 minute
Shadow Box 2 minutes
Sprint 200 meters
Complete 6 rounds-rest 1 minute between rounds
Clinch: With a training partner using a Gi
Double Unders 1 minute
Koshi-Guruma Takedown (set up only) 2 minutes
Run 400 meters
Complete 6 rounds-rest 1 minute between rounds
Ground: With a training partner wearing a Gi or No Gi
Double Unders 1 minute
BJJ Drills 2 minutes. Try to keep it flowing
Run 400 meters
Complete 6 rounds-rest 1 minute between rounds

Robb Wolf has updated his website and it looks great! He also came out with his first book on the Paleo Diet called “The Paleo Solution, The Original Human Diet”. You should check it out and buy a copy. I highly recommend any of Robb’s material. I respect and look up to him for nutrition advice, and strength and conditioning tips. His philosophy is great for anyone who is looking to get healthy and live a healthy lifestyle or being a badass fighter in MMA, BJJ, Judo, etc. He has the answer’s to helping you perform at an optimal fitness level.
Strength WOD: Squat Clean 5-3-1, rest 30 seconds between sets, rest 1 minute between cycles. Complete 3 cycles total. Start at a weight that’s 70% of your 1 rep max. Add 5lbs to each set.
rest and recover
M.M.A.W.O.D (compare 7/30/10)
Choose one:
Stand-up: Using MMA gloves, with a training partner holding mitts or on a heavy bag.
3 rounds:
Row 500 meters (sub 1:50 pace)
50 Bob and Hooks
3 rounds:
25 Knee Strikes each leg
15 Burpees
Clinch: With a training partner wearing a Gi or No Gi.
5 rounds
Sprint Row 350 meters
7 Single to Double Leg Takedown (set up only, start in the clinch)
*Have your partner resist a little but not a 100%.
Ground: With a training partner wearing a Gi or No Gi.
20 minutes of 1 minute on, 30 seconds off
Open Guard Sweeps
*Have your partner resist while you try and sweep him/her from open guard. Partner will just resist and maintain a standing position. Grips to maintain the top position are allowed for the guy on top. If you sweep start over.

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Does Pure Garcinia Cambogia Really Works

pure garcinia-cambogia

Before you buy a product, it is very important that you gather information about it. You should make sure that you have a good understanding about how it works, and what expectations you should have. Garcinia Cambogia is popular today in the weight loss industry. Manufacturers and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this trend and producing products of the same nature.However, it is very important that you only buy pure Garcinia Cambogia, and avoid products that have fillers in it. You don’t want to end up buying a product that does not work properly. To broaden your knowledge about the product, you should read further.

Does It Work?

pure garcinia-cambogiaThe reason why the product is popular (and most sought after product) in the market today is because it was featured in a popular medical television shows. It was presented with detailed clinical studies showing how it works. It was also shown how the product worked on regular people taking the product as a weight loss supplement. It was also shown how ten pounds of extra fat can be rid off without really changing their diet. Obviously, the first month that you start taking the product would be where you lose the highest. As you lose weight, the increments of pounds that you lose will decline.

The product has natural anti-oxidant properties that help shrink fat cells in your body. This property will help “oxidize” and burn fat into a stream of energy, which you can use everyday.You will start noticing that you are losing fat on your mid-section as you continue using the product. This is just the start. Fat stored under your skin all over your body will eventually and gradually be oxidized giving you an overall weight loss.

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Another point that needs to be sited regarding this product is that it works as a natural appetite suppressant. Losing weight will not be effective if you don’t know how to control your eating.This product will help you curb your appetite. Taking one pill an hour before taking a meal will help curb your diet making you take less food than the usual amount. With its oxidizing properties, you don’t have to worry about feeling weak.Remember, the stored fat in your body is converted into usable energy giving you enough “fuel” to start and finish your day.

So, does pure Garcinia Cambogia really works? The answer to this question is a big fat “YES”.You can discover more and read different reviews online from doctors and ordinary people alike. Take your time in reading different reviews. This will give you enough hindsight on how the product works, and how it can help you lose weight. Conduct your research, and consult your physician as you go. visit adipopescu for more……

What Is Healthy Living And Healthy Eating


Various vegetables and fruits on display in supermarket

Healthy living is a choice everyone wants to take. However, with the misconceptions surrounding the idea of healthy living, some people find it hard to start living one. People need food in order to survive and to sustain daily activities. With modern technology and the vast of information that can be gathered in just a click, it is always easy to get lost in translation and be confused of the knowledge presented to you.

One resource would say you should not eat this and that, and you should control what and how. It is right that you should have a degree of control over what you eat. However, you should also not forget that food is made to be enjoyed and not to be grossed about. Living a healthy life and eating healthy is not about absolute dietary rules. It is not about depriving yourself with the simple pleasures of life so you can have the body that you so want.

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Instead, living a healthy lifestyle is about feeling good about yourself, having enough energy to enjoy your every day, and being healthy as much as possible. Living your life to the full means that you are able to do things you want to do, and manage to stay healthy as you go. You can do this by learning simple nutrition and learning how to use this knowledge in a way that is suited for you. Bottom line, it’s all about the choice you make. You should know by now what foods are harmful to your health, and what foods would increase the risk of heart diseases, cancer, or diabetes.

Choosing healthy foods and junk foods should be easy for you if you know the risks involved of sticking with fast food, processed food, and preserved food. If you know what food to buy and how to make a delicious meal out of it, you are on your way to losing a few extra pounds and achieving the body that you want. The supermarket offers you a lot of healthy choices. If you know what you are doing, you can make healthy living and eating healthy a fun and interesting experience.

You can always experiment on your food like adding health supplements. You just have to build your diet around variety, balance, and moderation. Remember your Go foods, Grow foods, and Glow foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables will give you a flavorful experience you would never have. Make a healthy living plan and surround yourself with healthy foods and snacks. click here for more


Importance of Health


Exercise and diet is considered to be an important determinant of health and sickness. Overweight is associated with the onset of major chronic diseases leading to complications and problems in children and adult. Childhood obesity/overweight is very often a risk factor for obesity in adulthood, compared to adult onset obesity.

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Presence of Exercise & Proper Diet

Good health leads to a normal life. Earlier children spent the majority of their free time playing outdoor games which meant that they were automatically getting more physical activity. That’s why, children nowadays become malnourished because they lack the proper nutrition and exercise. Healthy eating and exercise habits should be thought as a pair, one cannot go without the other, for the child’s best health. load more...…